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Buko Pandan

  Ingredients: 2 packets x 454g frozen shredded young coconut, thawed and drained 1 bottle (906g) coconut gel or nata de coco, drained 1 can (250ml) nestle thickened cream 200ml condensed milk 1 tsp pandan essense Method: 1.  In a large bowl, combine shredded young coconut, coconut gel, thickened cream, condensed milk and pandan essense.  Mix gently. 2.  Cover ...

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Mango with Ice Cream

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My Yummy Rice Cake

  Ingredients: 3 cups (640g) glutinous rice 3 cups water 1 can (270ml) coconut milk 2 cups brown sugar 30g butter TOPPING: 200ml coconut milk 1 cup brown sugar Method: 1.  Combine the glutinous rice and water in a rice cooker and cook.  Set aside. 2.  In a large saucepan, combine the coconut milk, brown sugar  and butter and cook over a ...

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Honeyed Bananas with Lime

  Peel 1cm-wide strips of rind from 2 limes.  Combine rind in medium frying pan with 2 tablespoons lime juice and 2 tablespoons honey; stir over low heat until honey softens.  Remove pan from heat; removed rind and shred finely.  Slice 4 large bananas into the lime mixture, mix gently.  Divide ...

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Caramelised Apples

  Peel, quarter and core 6 large apples; cut each quarter into 3 wedges; mix in medium bowl with tablespoon lemon juice.  Melt 50g butter in large frying pan; cook apple with 1/3 cup firmly packed brown sugar, stirring occasionally, about 10 minutes or until apple is tender.  Divide among serving ...

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My Yummy Cassava Cake

  Ingredients: 2 x 454g grated cassava (available in Asian grocery) 1 can (395ml)condensed milk 2 big cans evaporated milk 250ml reduced-fat cream ( I prefer Nestle' cream) 1 cup white sugar 1/2 cup melted butter Method: 1.  Greased 4 small sized  baking pans or 1 medium baking pan.  Preheat oven at 150 C. 2.  Combine all the ingredients together ...

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Classic Chocolate Mousse

  Ingredients: 325g dark chocolate 500ml cream 4 egg yolks 50g caster sugar 1/2 vanilla bean, split and scraped 3 egg whites fresh raspberries, to serve Method: 1.  Finely chop chocolate and melt over a double boiler.  Keep warm.  Whip cream until soft peaks form. 2.  Make a sabayon by combining egg yolks, sugar and vanilla bean.  Cook over a double ...

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Coconut Rice Pudding with Mango

  Ingredients: 300ml thickened cream 1/2 cup (125ml) coconut cream 1/2 cup (80g) icing sugar 2  cups cooked medium-grain white rice 1 can (425g) mango or fresh mango, chopped coarsely 1/2 cup (25g) toasted flaked coconut Method: 1.  Beat cream, coconut cream and sugar in small bowl with electric mixer until soft peaks form. 2.  Place rice in large bowl; ...

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Almond Macaroons

  Ingredients: 2 egg whites 1/2 cup caster sugar 140g almond meal 1/4 tsp almond essence 3 tbsp icing sugar Method: 1.  Beat egg whites until soft peaks form.  Add sugar a little at a time.  Continue beating until meringue is thick and glossy. 2.  Fold almond meal, almond essence and two tablespoons of icing sugar into the meringue. 3. ...

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Custard Candy (Yema)

  Ingredients: 1 can 400g condensed milk 3 egg yolks 3 tbsp butter, melted 3 pcs. jackfruit in can, cut into strips and halved Method: 1.  In a small frying pan, add butter and condensed milk; Cook, stirring, in a medium heat for 3 minutes. 2.  Add egg yolks; cook, stirring, for another 2 minutes. 3.  Lower the heat; ...

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